Schleuder is developed using git. The master branch always contains the lastest released code. Development takes place in feature-branches, which are squash-merged into the 'next'-branch when ready. For a new release 'next' is squash-merged into 'master' and a tarball is rolled.

Release policy

Smaller changes will be released with an incremented patchlevel (3rd number) and will be safe to apply (or git merge). Anything that might require human work to upgrade will only be included in new minor (2nd number) releases. The newly released code will still be in 'master', so if you're tracking the master-branch you should read the git-log before merging.


Clone the code from here: git://

Or browse the code.


Schleuder is released under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), version 2.


We'd love to see contributions to this project. Schleuder has been developed by a small group of people because they lacked a specific software. Thus the result is tailored to their (our) specific needs. Some changes or enhancements requested by other people have already been developed and included but it still might be that Schleuder lacks features or has issues for you. We don't promise that we going to include or develop everything you bring or request, but please don't hesitate to send us patches, wishes or complaints. Only this way we can reflect, discuss and make Schleuder better.

To contribute code please base your code on 'next' and send patches or pull-requests via email (see contact).

Bugs & features

Please use our issue-tracker at

Public registration at is disabled due to spamming problems. If you don't have an account there please ask for one in our IRC-channel (see contact).

Otherwise you can still send us an email.

Some credits

Many thanks go to erpe, rhindes and malte, they did a lot of work that this project is based upon!