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creating lists


By far the easiest way to create lists is to use the helper called schleuder-newlist. It will validate your input, ask for missing bits, create the list, generate or import public keys for you, and also give hints on permissions and MTA-aliases.

Example usage of schleuder-newlist

This creates a new list called test1 with the initial member A new GnuPG-key-pair will be generated.

      schleuder-newlist test1 -email -realname "bal jak" -adminaddress \
          -initmember -initmemberkey /tmp/

The list test2 will be created, a keypair from the given files with the passphrase test will be imported.

      schleuder-newlist test2 -email -realname "bal jak" -adminaddress \
          -privatekeyfile ~/tmp/test2.priv -publickeyfile /tmp/ -passphrase test

By default a 2048 bit long RSA-key will be generated. To change type or length see the gpg-settings in schleuder.conf.

Using the -nointeractive-option you can also call schleuder-newlist in automated administration-environments like puppet. (The interactive-mode will automatically be disabled if the script isn't run within an interactive tty.)


  1. Inside the lists-dir make a sub-directory named like the list-addresses hostname, and inside that one a directory named like the list-addresses localname (like this: hostname/localpart).

  2. Copy default-list.conf as list.conf, and default-members.conf as members.conf into that directory and adapt them.

  3. Generate a new GnuPG-key: gpg --homedir /path/to/listdir --gen-key (remember to use the email address and the gpg-password you wrote into list.conf)

  4. Restrict access rights to the whole directory to the user running you MTA (chown && chmod).

  5. Tell your MTA to pass incoming mail to schleuder:

    1. With qmail write the following, adapted line into two .qmail-files: .qmail-listname and .qmail-listname-default

        | /path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname@hostname
    2. With exim or Postfix write the following, adapted lines into /etc/aliases, and issue the newaliases command

        listname: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
        listname-request: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
        listname-bounce: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
        listname-sendkey: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
        listname-owner: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
      1. In the contrib-section there are more specific or advanced instructions, e.g. for Exim and Postfix. Please note we don't take responsibility for contributed content.
    3. TODO: Other MTAs

  6. Test the list by calling sudo -u $MTAUSER /path/to/schleuder -test listname@hostname.