Schleuder/ documentation/ v2.2/


From 2.1 to 2.2

  1. Read about new features or config options in the changelog.

  2. Temporarily disable email delivery for the list(s).

  3. With qmail set the sticky bit of the homedir of the delivering user: chmod +t $homedir

  4. TODO: Postfix? Exim?

  5. Execute schleuder-migrate-v2.1-to-v2.2 /path/to/listname/list.conf for every list.

  6. Update MTA-routing: schleuder-2.2 needs listname-request@hostname and listname-owner@hostname as additional addresses per list.

  7. With qmail, if you have a .qmail-listname-default you're good already. Else simply copy the file called .qmail-listname to another file called .qmail-listname-default.

  8. For postfix multiply the corresponding line in /etc/aliases to look like this:

        listname: "|/path/to/schleuder/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
        listname-request: "|/path/to/schleuder/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
        listname-owner: "|/path/to/schleuder/bin/schleuder listname@hostname"
  9. Change listname to listname@hostname wherever it's used in the MTA-configs.

  10. Check if the found key for each member is correct (they are pinned with key_fingerprint now).

  11. Execute schleuder -test listname@hostname and watch for output

  12. Re-enable email delivery (e.g. chmod -t $homedir) and monitor the MTA- and the schleuder-logs closely for a while to spot problems.

If you have problems please contact us!