The present release is 2.2.4 as of 30 Sept 2013. Here's the changelog.


The best option for most people probably is to install schleuder from rubygems: gem install schleuder.

The gem is signed. Our cert isn't signed by the root certificate included in rubygems, so you'll have to import our certificate in order to let gem verify our signature:

  1. Make sure you have and have verified our OpenPGP-public key. You can receive it by sending an email to
  2. git clone the schleuder-repository (see development), checkout and verify the latest tag: git checkout schleuder-2.2.4 && git tag -v schleuder-2.2.4.
  3. Add our cert to your rubygems-installation: gem cert -a gem_public_cert.pem.

For more information on signatures with rubygems see


You can download Schleuder also via git, see development.


For old-schoolers here's also a tarball: schleuder-2.2.4.tar.gz, and its OpenPGP-signature: schleuder-2.2.4.tar.gz.sig.