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help wanted

Update: For those interested in details, here's code and issues for the next schleuder and the next webschleuder.

We're looking for help to push this project out of its staleness.

To finally get rid of the old libraries and dependencies we started to rewrite Schleuder from scratch.

Unfortunately we're lacking time to carry on in reasonable speed. Therefore we need your help!

There's need to work on

  • the actual Schleuder (Ruby),
  • the new web interface (RubyOnRails, styling and coding),
  • a possible reimplementation of Schleuder in Go (the language),
  • the documentation content,
  • the documentation design.

If you you're having some spare time and feel you might be able to help even a little then we'd love to hear from you!

A motivational peek: The next Schleuder is being built with a database backend and a full featured web interface. Subscription and key management will be easier and more robust for list admins (web and command line) and users, too. All texts will be localized, all keys assinged by fingerprint, no YAML needs to be touched.

To get in contact please email to (receive the OpenPGP public key by sending an email to

Join us!

The current schleuder dev team