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We've been asked, what the remailing-capabilities of schleuder are and how they relate to those of mixmaster. As there might be more people out there that have been confused we answer publicly:

Concerning schleuder we use the term "remailing" to refer to the possibility to send out messsages to non-subscribers. Any member (which by the way is the same as a subscriber) can instruct schleuder to not only send the current message to all subscribers, but also to send it to other email addresses specified in the message itself. The idea is, that schleuder can serve as an email-gateway for groups: they can receive emails and also send them out while still staying opaque behind the one email-address driven by schleuder.

This indeed is not the same meaning the word "remailing" has in the mixmaster-context. Maybe we should have called it differently, but then again this word seems to describe the funktionality pretty well. We're sorry if we caused unnecessary confusion.