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Hello world,

although some wondered: schleuder isn't dead. To prove it we've published a new bug-fix-release: version 2.2.4. Most users won't notice a differences, but some a still noteworthy and if you run a server or manage a list you might want to read the changelog.

Those watching more closely might have noticed a new name popping up increasingly: lunar. Since some weeks he's on board as a developer and we're very happy about it!

Bigger changes targeting future releases (e.g. replacing tmail, dropping support for ruby 1.8) are under way. Those will still take a little while though, because we decided to build a test-environment before replacing such a core part of schleuder.

Also another plan slowly grows on the horizon: re-writing webschleuder, schleuder friendly web-frontend. You'll hear from that one hopefully rather sooner than later.

So much for the future. In the present please keep your software up to date and teach your users and friends how important the integrity of all their personal devices is to proctect all participants.

Take care, the schleuder dev team (lunar, ng & paz)