Recent changes to this wiki:

Revert "Replace contact-email in relevant places."
This reverts commit 334957785e74bc9cd54c0ab420610fc902461576.
The changes went too far, e.g. to verify downloads and git-tags
one must still use the old key.
Also changing just some information while other information is also
outdated and disfunctional enhances confusion.
Instead of this change all pages now contain a big, yellow warning on
top that the information is outdated and for historic reference only.
Replace contact-email in relevant places. isn't working anymore.
A news about v3 to make it occur in rss-feeds.
Fix deletion, show url.
Notes that v3.0 has been released.
Update on v2 on Debian Jessie
Fix wrongly placed line-break.
Add note to v2.2 that request-emails must be signed.
Next attempt to fix the syntax.
Locally it works, what does ikiwiki do?!1!
Fix markdown-syntax and extend localpart-variants for postfix-transport.
Notice of deprecation on home-page.
News: testers wanted
update thunderbird doc and template
Fix postfix-transport example
Schleuder on Debian Jessie.
Move update to top.
Link help-wanted to codecoop
New post: help wanted
New post: help wanted
Strip wrong bit about setting the mime-version
more outdated-fix
insert outdated-warnings into documentation for outdated versions
More whitespace on homepage
Show link-names bold
Reverse order of documentation-version-links
Fix link to concept on startpage
immerda switched to cgit and quite links that point to the repository
were broken.
fix outdated issue-tracker notice and improve a little
Fix issue-tracker-paragraph even more
Fix issue-tracker.
improve documention to highlight the usage of the -request address
Strip links to issue tracker, they're disfunctional.
fix release-date
tarball+sig for 2.2.4
news-item for v2.2.4
version-fix in downloads.mdwn
Changelog update for v2.2.4
Document unsubscribe-keyword.
Fix hostname for cloning the repo.
Changelog update to v2.2.3.
Release of v2.2.3.
Rebuilt tarball for v2.2.2
Add tarball-link to download-page.
release-notes for schleuder-2.2.2
Adjust currently release-number on download-page
Explain howto verify gem-signature
Update the changelog for v2.2.2
note on broken issue-tracker
Link to
Link to master-log, not tag-log.
Also one typo.
Cleanup of changelog
Fix released version and date
Fixed tarball+sig
tarball+sig for v2.2.1
tarball + sig for v2.2.0
fix changelog-link, strip old file-listing
fix download info
fix link-labels
fix links for real?
fix links
mv doc/index -> doc.mdwn
Rm files/*
Doesn't make sense to include them here, they're verbosely commented and
already browsable through the gitweb, if someone really needs it.
Update documentation for v2.2
Update Changelog
Move all documentation into version-subdir, add index-files
Remove silc-contact-info, we abandoned it already
fix typo
Add missing colons to keywords
Move docs for v2.1 into subdir
Details on command-types and description of new keywords
Updated changelog
Update changelog
Add note about $transport_maps in $local_recipient_maps
define css background-color
creating tag page tags/wontfix
verbose note on moving issues to codecoop
disable bug/feature-request-forms, link to codecoop
disabled forms and included note on move to codecoop
tag done, now for real
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
tag done
creating tag page tags/invalid
fix tag