The 'reviewed'-git-tag

Once in a while we check the contents of this wiki for correctness and document this by signing a specific state. That state is accessible through the git-tag 'reviewed'.

To check it you need the git repository and the public gpg key for

To clone the wiki with git:

git clone git://

To get the gpg key for send a mail to As a reply you will receive the public key. Import it.

Then verify the gpg signature:

git verify-tag reviewed

It should tell you:

gpg: Signature made Sun Mar 22 14:46:40 2009 CET using DSA key ID 6E1C6F25
gpg: Good signature from "schleuder2 dev team <>"

The signing date may of course differ for future signatures.

If you want to read the tagged state, check it out into a local branch:

git checkout -b reviewed reviewed